nvk_VARIATIONS - Instant Variations in Reaper

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What is nvk_VARIATIONS?

nvk_VARIATIONS is an advanced Reaper script designed to take your sound design workflow to the next level. Whether you work in game audio, film, or even music, this script transforms your sound design process, enabling you to generate unique sound variations with ease and precision.

Effortless Setup, Boundless Creativity

Getting started with nvk_VARIATIONS could not be easier. Simply select your items and activate the script to keep them selected for transformation. Looking to switch up your selection? Close and reopen the script with your new choices. It's that easy.

Endless Randomization with Precise Control

Find the exact sound you are looking for with an array of customizable settings:

  • Variations: Decide the number of variations with a simple slider adjustment, setting the stage for your creativity. Determine how the takes are selected with various modes (Default i.e. next, Random, Chaos, and None).
  • Pitch, Volume, & Pan: Add random pitch shifts and volume/pan changes to your sounds. Add movement to these parameters with the envelope slider which creates a random envelope for each item in the variations.
  • Offset & Track: Change everything about where the variations are positioned, from the spacing to random offsets of items, and even the tracks the items are on.
  • Tone: Change the tone of the sounds in your variation, with a randomized EQ setting along with automated EQ bands on each item.

Apply & Experiment

With nvk_VARIATIONS, you can experiment with all kinds of possibilities and only commit to the settings when you are ready. None of the changes you make are saved until you hit the "Apply" button, you can always go back to where you started.

Advanced Control

  • Item Overrides: Gain granular control over each sound item, customizing settings to fit your precise needs.
  • Crossfade & Ripple Mode: Seamlessly blend overlapping items and adjust your track layout to accommodate new variations.
  • Presets & Hotkeys: Save your favorite settings for quick access and assign hotkeys for instant sound variation creation, streamlining your workflow like never before.


nvk_VARIATIONS is a tool that can completely change how you design your sounds. Once you start using it, you might find it's hard to go back. Unlock infinite possibilities and discover new sounds faster than ever before.


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nvk_VARIATIONS - Instant Variations in Reaper

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